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How leaving a legacy can help the CFA

As a charity, the CFA is dependent upon the support of its members.  Leaving a gift in your estate will ensure that we can continue to promote the conservation and sustainable management of the World's forests and the contribution they make to people's livelihoods. 

We have produced a leaflet designed to help members, and non-members, who might be considering leaving a legacy to the CFA.  Click here to download a copy, or contact us at if you would like a copy sent to you.

Please contact us if you require advice on how to make a Will. Thank you for your consideration.

General CFA activities  

Although we make every effort to run the CFA as efficiently as possible donations by members to support our general activities are essential to ensure our continued survival and development.  If you would like to help to support our general running costs then please click the button above. However, if you would like to fund one of our specific activities please see the options below.

Young Forester Award  

The Young Forester Award is designed to support the professional development of foresters below 35 years of age through the provision of a short-term work placement in a country other than their own and consists of a designated placement combined with a bursary of between £1000 and £1500 to cover a stay of between three and six months (depending on the placement selected) with established and renowned forestry organisations in order to meet their professional interest. The hosts might be major timber companies, research organisations or NGOs but they all share the desire to support the development of the next generation of foresters.  More information about the Young Forester Award, including the stories of winners, is available here. If you would like to support the training of a CFA Young Forester Award winner then please click the button above.

Young Scientist Research Award 

Students frequently struggle to meet costs related to their field work and the CFA Young Scientist Research Award is intended to provide some financial support.  It is awarded twice each year and provides a grant of up to £500 to support students undertaking forest-related research in pursuit of an academic qualification.  It is targetted at students up to 35 years of age of any nationality, and has no prior educational restrictions. More information about the Young Scientist Research Award is availble here.  If you would like to help support a forestry student to complete their studies then please donate via the button above.

Sponsorship of a Special Issue of the International Forestry Review

Special Issues of the International Forestry Reivew provide a state-of-the-art look at the most topical forestry issues and are widely read by researchers, educators and policy makers.  Recent Speicial Issues have dealt with gender, taxation, participatory foresty, food security, forestry in China, illegal logging, NTFPs and REDD and have been sponsored by CIFOR, DFID, The World Bank, CIRAD, RECOFTC, FAO, Forest Trends and the Commonwealth Foundation.  To find out more about the International Forestry Review please click here.  Donors can either support planned Special Issues or can suggest topics of particular interest by clicking on the button above.  

CFA Newsletter 

The CFA Newsletter is sent to all CFA members and provides a combination of commissioned articles with a comprehensive round-up of forestry news and views from around the world.  It is issued four times per year and is available to CFA members in both hard copy and electronic formats.  Your support will help us to continue to provide this important source of information to foresters around the world.  If you would like to help us then please click the button above.

Gift Membership - supporting Developing Country foresters

One of our main objectives is to support the development of the next generation of foresters and we do this mainly through our awards, The Young Forester Award, the Young Scientist Publicaiton Award and the CFA Young Scientist Research Award. However, we also want to encourage young foresters to join us but are aware that this is difficult for some to find the funds to pay for an annual membership. People like Shiva.....

I am Shiva Pokhrel, a Nepali student of Forestry and Natural Resources Conservation studying at HNBGU Uttrakhand, India. Conservation of natural resources and sustainable development are the need of the present world, so I selected my career in forestry to gain the knowledge that can fullfil this need. I want to be a member of an organization where I can gain the various knowledge that are taking place in international level. When I opened the link of the CFA I came to know many things about world forest news, youth activities and the different awards that your organization provides. I felt that I wanted to be member of the CFA so that I can link with the people from different part of the world and can share and gain the various knowledge related with forestry.

One of our members has been kind enough to pay for Shiva’s membership for three years (£15 per year) which will mean that he will be able to receive the CFA Newsletter, gain access to the International Forestry Review and participate in CFA activities. If you would like to help support young foresters like Shiva who would like to join the CFA but are unable to for financial reasons then please click the button above.

If you would like to support our work through any of the initiatives listed above please contact


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