The Queen's Award for Forestry

In 1987, the Association's Patron, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, approved the Queen's Award for Forestry, to recognise outstanding contributions to forestry.

The purpose of the Award, which comprises a cash prize and a travel grant to the combined value of £2000, is both to recognise the achievements and support the future work of an outstanding mid-career forester. The recipient will be the individual who the Selection Committee considers combines exceptional contributions to forestry with an innovative approach to his or her work.

The Association, which has responsibility for selecting and evaluating candidates, will agree a travel programme in conjunction with the winner that will maximise the benefits to the winner, the hosts and the Association. The successful candidate will be expected to deliver a lecture upon return describing his or her experiences and lessons learned.


Consideration for the Queen's Award for Forestry follows nomination by two proposers, i.e. not application by the individual. These nominations must be sent to the relevant CFA Regional Coordinator (see below) and must include name, age, position of the nominee, plus a short statement of up to 200 words outlining why the individual has been nominated.

Regional Coordinators

Click here to visit the Regional Coordinators web page. Europe : Adrian Whiteman - Africa : Ben Chikamai - South Asia : R.V. Singh - South East Asia and Pacific : Michael Bleby - Americas and Caribbean : Shashi Kant -

If the individual is considered suitable for inclusion in the short-list the nominators will be contacted for further information.

Previous winners of the Award

John Turnbull (Australia)

SN Rai (India)

Yemi Katerere (Zimbabwe)

Thang Hooi Chiew (Malaysia)

VK Bahuguna (India)

Jerry Vanclay (Australia)

Steve Bass (UK)

Bentval Ravindra Prabhu (India)

Shashi Kant (Canada)

Jolanda Roux (South Africa)

Douglas Sheil (UK)


The Award is open to all citizens of Commonwealth countries, although in the event of a tie priority will be given to a member of the Association.

(Please note that the Queen does not normally present the Award in person).