CFA membership for National Forestry Associations and NGOs

The CFA offers a special reduced membership rate for any National Forestry Association or NGO with an interest in forestry of £125 for developing countries and £265 for developed countries. [This compares with the normal instition rate of £347 and £575 respectively].

Which organisations can qualify? Membership is open to all NGOs (not academic institutions) and organisaitons that have a national objective to encourage interest in the wise management of trees and forests.

What you get:

  • One hard copy of the International Forestry Review and CFA Newsletter, both published quarterly, to be sent to the HQ of the organisation.
  • On-line access to the International Forestry Review and the Members Only section of the CFA website from the offices of the organisation (i.e. not from computers of individual members).
  • An electronic version of the CFA Newsletter which can be distributed to all members of the organisation.

Please contact for membership details.