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The CFA is a partner in a new initiative, The Queen's Commonwealth Canopy,  in which Commonwealth citizens are leading the world in efforts to protect the forest – forest that their communities and the planet as a whole depend on.  

The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy will show that, irrespective of geography, economy, culture or tenure, solutions exist to the threats facing these critical ecosystems.   For more information visit the QCC website.

Professor John Innes, CFA Chair 

“The objective of the CFA is to promote the conservation and sustainable management of the world's forests and the contributions they make to peoples’ livelihoods…..”

“A particularly important aspect of the CFA is the links that are being forged between forestry professionals and civil society”.

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Recent publications

International Forestry Review - December 2016   CFA Newsletter - December 2015


Negotiating the future under the shadow of the past: the eleventh session of the United Nations Forum on Forests and the 2015 renewal of the international arrangement on forests  D. HUMPHREYS

REDD+ at a critical juncture: assessing the limits of polycentric governance for achieving climate change mitigation  W. D. SUNDERLIN, E.O. SILLS, A.E. DUCHELLE, A.D. EKAPUTRI, D. KWEKA, M.A. TONIOLO, S. BALL, N. DOGGART, C.D. PRATAMA, J.T. PADILLA, A. ENRIGHT and R.M. OTSYINA

REDD+ and tenure: a case study of Thailand  N. TULYASUWAN, M. HENRY and A. KARSENTY

Foreign subsidiary development in the context of a global recession: a case of the furniture industry in Vietnam  N. HOANG, A. TOPPINEN and K. LÄHTINEN

Sustainable wildlife management and legal commercial use of bushmeat in Colombia at the cross-road  N. VAN VLIET, J. GOMEZ, M.P. QUICENO-MESA, J.F. ESCOBAR, G. ANDRADE and R. NASI

Effects of national community-based forest certification on forest management and timber marketing: a case study of Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia  T. FUJIWARA, S.A. AWANG, W.T. WIDAYANTI, R.M. SEPTIANA, K. HYAKUMURA and N. SATO

Survival strategy: traders of smallholder teak in Indonesia  A. PERDANA and J.M. ROSHETKO

Evaluating the implementation efficiency of the natural forest protection program in ten provinces of Western China by using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA)  S.F. KE, Z.C. CHEN, M. ROBSON, Y.L. WEN and X.H. TIAN

Participatory Forest Management in China: key challenges and ways forward  J. LIU and J.L. INNES

A multidimensional statistical framework to explore seasonal profile, severity and land-use preferences of wildfires in a Mediterranean country  L. SALVATI, A. FERRARA, G. MANCINO, C. KELLY, F. CHIANUCCI and P. CORONA

Measuring the economic impacts of trade liberalisation on forest products trade in the Asia-Pacific region using the GTAP model  L.C. STENBERG and M. SIRIWARDANA

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