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The CFA in partnership with the Commonwealth Woods, a legacy project of the 2014 Commonwealth Games to be held in Glasgow is pleased to announce the winner of the Commonwealth Woods Photographic Competition, established to show the diversity of forests throughout the Commonwealth.  The winning photograph, entitled 'A quiet place for reading', was taken by Arjen van de Merwe who wins a digital camera. The competition was open to everyone and attracted entries from around the Commonwealth.  The best 100 photos, are curently being exhibited in a gallery in Glasgow and can be seen on our Photo Gallery page. 

Professor John Innes, CFA Chair 

“The objective of the CFA is to promote the conservation and sustainable management of the world's forests and the contributions they make to peoples’ livelihoods…..”

“A particularly important aspect of the CFA is the links that are being forged between forestry professionals and civil society”.

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Recent publications

International Forestry Review - June 2015   CFA Newsletter - March 2015


Estimation of illegal logging by the formal timber sector in Ghana: implications for forest law compliance,
enforcement and EU-Ghana voluntary partnership agreement J. BOAKYE

Associations in name only: small loggers’ associations in Guyana J. BULKAN

Carbon markets as a financial instrument in the forestry sector in Turkey U. DEMÄ°RCÄ° and A. ÖZTÜRK

Perceptions of and adaptation to environmental change in forest-adjacent communities in three African nations N.D. GROSS-CAMP, R. FEW and A. MARTIN

Do forest permits cause deforestation in Indonesia? J. INDARTO, S. KANEKO and K. KAWATA

Does forest certification enhance forest structure? Empirical evidence from certified community-based forest management in Kilwa District, Tanzania S.K. KALONGA, F. MIDTGAARD and T. EID

The politics of forestland use in a cunning government: lessons for contemporary forest governance reforms S. ONGOLO and A. KARSENTY

Between land sharing and land sparing – what role remains for forest management and conservation? C. PAUL and T. KNOKE

Retention forestry in southern Patagonia: multiple environmental impacts and their temporal trends R.M. SOLER, S. SCHINDLER, M.V. LENCINAS, P.L. PERI and G. MARTÍNEZ PASTUR

Considerations on capacity building for national forest assessments in developing countries – with a case study of India V.P. TEWARI and C. KLEINN

Book reviews
Timber harvesting, biodiversity conservation and the status quo
Forest scenes
• National Trees – Zimbabwe
• Bamboo in Myanmar
• Canadian forest fires
• Forest education
• Timber that lasts
• Wildfires in South Australia
• Marcus Wallenberg prize
• Global forest industry


• Halting Deforestation and Achieving Sustainability
• Forests: A Very Short Introduction
• How Many More?
• Implementing Deforestation-Free Supply Chains – Certification and Beyond
• Living Forests Report: Saving Forests at Risk
• Promoting Legal Livelihoods in Ghana
• REDD+ Supply and Demand 2015–2025
• Stories from the Ground
• Subsidies to key commodities driving forest loss
• The knowledge and skills needed to engage in REDD+
• Tropical Forests: A Review
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