How green is the CFA?

The core activities of the CFA are designed to support wise management of forest resources. In order to undertake our work we use some non-renewable resources and contribute to CO2 emissions, but we take our environmental responsibility seriously and have taken the following steps to reduce our negative environmental impact:

  • The CFA works as a network of offices, mostly in private houses, rather than having one central office to which staff travel on a daily basis.  This means that regular daily travel is eliminated.

  • Travel to meetings where CFA representation is important is devolved to the closest relevant staff member unless it is a committee meeting, in which case either a central location is selected in the UK or, in the case of international meetings, they are carried out using electronic communication.

  • Although we fully support the forestry industry and use of trees from sustainably managed forests, in order to minimise CO2 emissions our publications are available as PDFs and we encourage members to use this option.

  • We communicate within the organisation almost exclusively via electronic means.

  • Our distribution agents for the International Forestry Review and the CFA Newsletter (Flight Logistics) use LPG-powered vehicles.

Did you know...

One hectare of trees removes approximately 2 500 kg of CO2 each year.

A car driving 10 000 km per year will produce about 1 500 kg of CO2.



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