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HQ address:   P.O Box 380

 Uhuru Gardens - 00517





Region: Africa

Type of Organisation: NGO,  

Interest in Forestry:  central


Forest Action Network (FAN) is a networking Non Government Organisation with head offices at Nairobi,  Kenya.  Established in 1995, FAN has since worked with local communities, policy makers and researchers to develop a niche in advocating for an improved policy and legislative climate to support the sustainable management of natural resources. With stakeholders at the local, national, regional and international levels, FAN's scope of operation gives it both a national and international outlook.

A well known organization in the natural resources management sector both locally and internationally, FAN is consulted on many issues related to forest management.  Because of this, FAN played a significant role in developing Kenya's new Forest Policy and Forests Legislation (Forests Act 2005).

Fan is actively involved with communities in the following aspects:-

   1. Strengthening of Community Based Organizations forestry related to forestry management through trainings on Participatory Forest Management.

   2. It has been involved government officers in forms of training such as exchange visits to countries with experience in participatory forest management.

   3. Training District Environment Committees (DEC) on their roles and responsibilities as spelt out in the Environment Management and Coordination Act of 1999 (EMCA).

FAN is also the National Focal Point for Civil Society Organizations in the implementation of MDG Goal 7: ensuring environmental sustainability .

FAN has mainstreamed HIV/Aids in all its work and has convinced some of its collaborators to do the same.