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bullet2 African Mangrove Network

HQ address:   HLM Hann Maristes

villa n 193

B.P. 26352 Dakar



Website: none

Region: Africa

Type of Organisation: NGO,  

Interest in Forestry:  central


The African Mangrove Network (AMN), is a network of African NGOs and CBOs working in the field of sustainable management of marine and/or coastal ecosystems. Following the example of the international community, which, for decades now has developed awareness of environmental issues, these African NGOs, are recongised as carrying the flag at international levels as harbingers in the fight to protect ecological balance.

The AMN's participatory planning work has been undertaken under the Project "Capacity building workshop for African NGOs and CBOs for Sustainable Management of Mangrove Forests", funded by Netherlands Committee for IUCN and implemented by AMN's provisional co-ordination team.

The main aim of AMN is to promote the sustainable management of mangrove forests by rehabilitating damaged ecosystems, protecting their species and developing management plans.