Commonwealth NGOs
related to forestry


bullet2 Windward Islands Farmers Association

P O Box 817


St Vincent and the Grenadines



Type:  NGO   

Scope:  national   

Interest in Forestry:  peripheral


Mission Statement :

To be a robust financially independent democratic organization championing the cause of farmers and rural communities in the Caribbean through the provision of programmes which address food security, gender equity, continuity and linkages.


The objectives of the Association are:

1. To work in collaboration with farmers, farmers organizations and food producers to improve the socio-economic well-being of farmers and to work towards the total eradication of poverty in rural communities.

2. To enable farmers and food producers in the Caribbean to play their part in directing the development of agriculture in the region by co-ordinating educational and research programmes and by disseminating information relevant to agricultural development.

3. To co-ordinate the efforts of farmers, farmers organizations and food producers in the Caribbean in launching united action to influence policy decisions on matters affecting agriculture and general socio-economic development.

4. To create and forge alliances and linkages between farmers’ organizations, food producers groups and between those organizations and other national, regional and international organizations and institutions concerned with agricultural and rural development.

5. To promote the democratic participation of farmers at all levels of the development process.

6. To promote the building of awareness and solidarity amongst farming organizations and communities at the national, regional and international levels.

7. To pursue those activities which help to advance the cause of the organisation.