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bullet2 New Zealand Wood

PO Box 11235

Manners Street


New Zealand



Type:  Industry   

Scope:  national   

Interest in Forestry:  central


A campaign funded by the forestry industry and the government to provide the knowledge and resources to promote the use of NZ wood and achieve beneficial environmental outcomes including fighting climate change.

NZ Wood is an industry-wide programme about New Zealand forests and wood and is designed to inspire the use of this sustainable and versatile resource. The programme aims to embed a ‘wood culture’ in New Zealand’s culture.

This will be achieved through a broad range of exciting initiatives and projects that support the growth of the entire forestry and wood industry.

These initiatives include education, research and development, information, design and the promotion of forests and wood in New Zealand.

The NZ Wood programme brings together the diverse members of the forestry and wood industry to pursue common objectives of:

Growing the domestic market share for wood.

Increasing per-capita consumption of wood in New Zealand.

Growing public awareness of the industry’s economic and environmental contribution forests and wood make to New Zealand.

Most importantly, the NZ Wood programme will help New Zealand fight climate change and global warming.