Commonwealth NGOs
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bullet2 New Zealand Tree Crops Association

773 Moonshine Road

R D 1


New Zealand



Type:  NGO   

Scope:  national   

Interest in Forestry:  central


Mission statement: To promote quality information on Tree Crops, and the value of sustainable management of treecropping for New Zealanders.

Our members include a real cross-section of people - home gardeners, orchardists, hobbyists, farmers, investors and so on. Some are big landowners, while others do not even have a back yard! Some are learners; others are experienced growers; and yet others are researchers of high repute.

We share an interest in investigating new crops, improving existing varieties, and learning more about the care and management of a wide range of fruit and nut trees and other useful species.


     To stimulate and promote interest and active participation in tree cropsactivity.

     To encourage investigation into tree cropping, especially into new crops and cultivars.

     To research and disseminate information on growing and using tree crops.

     To develop and promote diversity in farming.

     To promote the identification and standardisation of accurate cultivar names and support the validation of our proven varieties.

     To investigate and promote the benefits of using tree cropping to improve the environment.

     To educate and support people in the growing of tree crops.

     To promote constructive and informed debate and represent members' interests where public issues impact on the growing of tree crops.