Commonwealth NGOs
related to forestry

bullet1 TANZANIA

bullet2 Tanzania Natural Resource Forum

PO Box 15605



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Type:  NGO   

Scope:  national   

Interest in Forestry:  peripheral


TNRF is a collective civil society-based initiative to improve natural resource management in Tanzania by addressing fundamental issues of natural resource governance. We view the quality and equity of governance as fundamentally determining how natural resources are managed and how they support the livelihoods of Tanzanians and the sustainable economic development of the country.

We work to improve accountability, transparency and local empowerment in natural resource management.  We bring together a diverse range of stakeholders and interests to share information, build collaboration and pool resources towards a common aim of better and devolved natural resource management.  TNRF is a long term, innovative and adaptive process of advocacy and capacity-building, based on collaboration and collective interests.