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bullet2 Tanzania Forest Conservation Group

Plot 312

Old Bagamoyo Road

Mikocheni B

Dar Es Salaam




Type:  NGO   

Scope:  national   

Interest in Forestry:  central


The Tanzania Forest Conservation Group is a Tanzanian non-governmental organisation promoting the conservation of the Eastern Arc / Coastal forest biodiversity hotspot. For the last 19 years the Tanzania Forest Conservation Group has worked to provide sustainable solutions to the problems that have driven deforestation in this unique area.

Our Mission:  To promote the conservation of the high biodiversity forests in Tanzania.

Who We Are:  TFCG is led by a voluntary committee of dedicated professionals with a commitment to forest conservation. The 14-member committee includes representatives from other NGOs, donors, private sector and government.

On the ground our team of professional foresters and biologists guide the implementation of our forest conservation strategies. TFCG’s secretariat includes 6 officers based in our head office in Dar es Salaam and 18 full time staff based in our field projects.

Partnership and Financial Support:  TFCG works in close cooperation with other stakeholders including the Government, the forest-close communities, the private sector and other NGOs.

Core support for our projects has come from the African Rainforest Conservancy [formerly the Tanzania Wildlife Fund]. The African Rainforest Conservancy [ARC] was founded in 1990. ARC is based in New York City and is a non-profit-making organisation that raises money for conservation initiatives in Tanzania. ARC is run by a group of voluntary committee members committed to forest conservation in the Eastern Arc and Coastal Forests of Tanzania.

Over the last 19 years TFCG has received support from several donors including IUCN-Netherlands, Ireland Aid, Singing for Change and WWF. We continue to receive support from NORAD through CARE-Norway, the JJ Charitable Trust, IUCN-Netherlands and M.A. Dobie.