Commonwealth NGOs
related to forestry

bullet1 PAKISTAN

bullet2 Environmental Protection Society


Saidu Sharif





Type:  NGO   

Scope:  national   

Interest in Forestry:  peripheral


EPS addresses issues of poverty and environmental degradation in Malakand Division through Research, Advocacy, Awareness Raising, Social Mobilization, Human and Institutional Development and Service Delivery by adopting a conflict-free and culturally viable approach with a blend of professionalism and voluntary zeal.


Democratic, Self-reliance, Honesty, Integrity, Social Acceptability, and Participatory Approach.


Collective Broad Based Sustainable Development.


The Society perceives the natural resource holistically and strives for its management with a fine mix of modern and traditional ways. Of the many other areas under this program like commercial marketing of agricultural products, orchards, pastures, wildlife, EPS has also worked on the following.

River Swat Conservation Project [RSCP]

River Swat Conservation Project was a Social Organization and Action Project in collaboration with the United Nation Development Programme [UNDP]. The Project team selected villages along River Swat for pilot activities. They completed the baseline surveys for social organization and management of solid and liquid waste to reduce pollution in River Swat. Motivational material and a documentary film on River Swat had been prepared. The work findings, experience, achievements of the RSCP are published by the Society in 2003 under the title The River Swat. RSCP also worked on the planning and zoning of Kalam region.


Forest activities: EPS highlights the issues related to forest through press, seminars and workshops on the one hand and lobbing on the stakeholder level for a Forest Policy, so that to ensure forest conservation on sustainable basis. EPS has documented all basic information about the forests of Swat and is a member of the Forestry Roundtable NWFP. The names of the reports are included in this Expression of Interest.