Commonwealth NGOs
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bullet2 Eco-Conservation Initiatives

410, Street-1

I-8/4 (GPO Box 2888)

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Type:  NGO   

Scope:  national   

Interest in Forestry:  peripheral


Eco-Conservation Initiatives (ECI) believes in human resource development at the grassroots level as an entry point in the new millennium. ECI believes in the paradigm where conservation of environment is a pre-requisite for sustainable development.


Eco-Conservation Initiatives (ECI) has been established by a core of professionals who believe in human resource development at the grass root level as an entry point for the achievement of sustainable development and conservation of the ecosystem in which communities survive and flourish. ECI believes in the paradigm where environment should be conserved and development made in an alliance with nature.

The major objective of the ECI is enhancement of quality of life, conservation of natural ecosystems and biodiversity through environmentally sustainable approaches utilizing natural renewable resource base with the active participation of communities.

ECI has been established to promote conservation of biodiversity through participatory development, which ensure stability of the ecosystem through active involvement of communities at the grass root level.

ECI will focus on agricultural development through management of natural resources such as water, land, etc.