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Lot 1046 2nd Fl.Shang Garden Shoplots

Jalan Bulan Sabit,Miri,

Sarawak 98000




Type:  NGO   

Scope:  national   

Interest in Forestry:  peripheral


BRIMAS is a foremost indigenous non-profit organization working at the grassroots level in Sarawak. BRIMAS was formed in response to the appalling situation faced by indigenous Dayak communitites and concerns about their native customary rights, resources, environment, and development taking place on their traditional lands.


To educate indigenous communities about their rights, to promote community-based sustainable resource management and conservation, to empower their initiatives toward self-reliant and resiliant communities, to assist in their pursuit of self-sufficiency and to ensure the survival of their traditional knowledge, arts and cultures.

Since its inception, BRIMAS has been working actively with the indigenous communities who face massive problems of development intrusion that threaten their survival and environment, deprive them of traditional resources, alienate and displace them of their customary land. The BRIMAS office in Miri town serves as an indigenous resource centre promoting the exchange of information and ideas. BRIMAS has developed active programmes and various activities geared to the interests of diverse ethnic society in Malaysia.