Commonwealth NGOs
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bullet1 INDIA

bullet2 People`s Commission on Environment and Development India

15, Institutional Area

Lodhi Road

New Delhi 110003




Type:  NGO   

Scope:  national   

Interest in Forestry:  peripheral


The People`s Commission on Environment and Development India, a non-governmental, non-profit association, was launched in New Delhi in 1990. It holds public hearings in the country to harvest the perspective on, and the insight into, environmental and development issues from a wide constituency of stakeholders and induct them into the government`s decision-making process. Its modality of public hearing represents a novel way for the people to dialogue with government about the critical survival issues, and provides an opportunity to the people to forge partnerships for change and express their shared commitment to a new paradigm of socially equitable and environmental sustainable development.

PCED is promoted by, among others, by its President, Dr Karan Singh, who was, for many years, Minister in the cabinet of Indira Gandhi and was lately India's Ambassador to the United States, Mr S P Godrej, Trustee & President of the World Wild Fund for Nature-India, Dr Ashok Khosla, Chairperson of UNCED's International Facilitation Committee for the NGOs and President, Development Alternatives, and the late Dr Lovraj Kumar, former Chairperson, Society for Promotion of Wastelands Development and former Secretary to Government of India. PCED has the support of many institutions and individuals with shared concern for the issues of environment, development, women, youth, industry, peace and human rights.

The overall responsibility for the affairs of PCED rests with the President and the Governing Council. Its important activities are to [a] act as a forum to enable the NGOs and concerned citizens active in the spheres of socio-economic development and environmental conservation to share their perceptions on development strategies and their impact on the environment ; and [b] provide inputs, on a national basis, to the preparatory process of the UNCED and its deliberations as well as to the central and State Governments. For these purposes, PCED aims to :

Hold public hearings, seminars, symposia and other gatherings to elicit the views, insights and suggestions of concerned citizens and Independent Sector organisations ;

Compile and collate the material gathered during these public hearings, seminars and symposia into a national package of inputs for the preparatory process of the UNCED and at the UNCED as also for the Governments at the Central and State levels ;

Help evolve a national as well as a Third World perspective on global issues relating to environmental protection and management; and

Prepare and publish papers and reports on various aspects of environmental management and related areas of study as inputs to the UNCED as well as to government at national and sub-national levels.