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bullet2 Trees for Survival

PO Box 51684


Manukau 2140


New Zealand



Type:  NGO   

Scope:  national   

Interest in Forestry:  central


What is TFS?

The Trees for Survival programme is run by the TFS Charitable Trust and is a hands-on environmental education experience promoting growing and planting of native trees and shrubs to:

* help control soil erosion

* safeguard water quality

* provide new habitats for native birds as well as other plants and animals

* beautify our environment

* remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

* renew a natural resource

The TFS programme is designed to involve children who learn about trees and their place in our environment. These plantings provide ‘at risk’ land with plant cover, restores eroded land to improve stream and water quality as well as providing habitats for the spread of our native flora and fauna.

The programme also creates community partnerships by engaging not only schools and landowners but service clubs, regional and local councils, business sponsors and volunteers who all work together to protect our environmental heritage.

How does Trees for Survival (TFS) work?

* Schools apply to become a TFS School.

* TFS assists the school to arrange one or more Unit Sponsors to provide funding for a Plant Growing Unit (PGU) ongoing financial and physical support for the TFS school.

* School pupils, supported by TFS and Regional Councils, with assistance from the school community and the Supporting Organisation grow native plants from seedlings to a stage where they are ready to be planted out.

* The Regional Councils liaise with Landowners and select planting sites.

* The pupils and school community, with the help of the landowner and other TFS partners plant out native trees.

* The Regional Councils and Landowners monitor the plant growth ensuring maximum environmental advantage.