Commonwealth NGOs
related to forestry

bullet1 CYPRUS

bullet2 Centre for Ecology and Alternative Technology

P.O. Box 2256





Type:  Field Centre   

Scope:  local   

Interest in Forestry:  peripheral


The Centre for Ecology and Alternative Technology is a five acre site in rural Cyprus which demonstrates replicable examples ofresponsible living and working, in harmony with the natural world.

The goals of the Centre are as follows: 1. To create a replicable model of sustainable development through the rational use of all available resources. 2. To make maximum use of renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, and to reduce dependence on non-renewable fuels. 3. To achieve self-sufficiency in food production through organic agriculture, without synthetic chemicals. 4. To restore the natural ecosystem through protection of wildlife, by introducing appropriate plants and by avoiding pollution. 5. To establish a centre of learning which will offer hands-on classes and seminars on all aspects of sustainable living—alternative technologies, health and nutrition, agriculture, first-aid, etc.—including a Children’s Activity Centre. 6. To publish literature, videos and slide shows about the Centre, in order to make available the knowledge and experience gained during its development and operation, as well as about related issues.