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bullet2 Asia Pacific Association of Forestry Research Institutions

HQ address:   c/o Forestry Research Institute


52109 Selangor




Region: SE Asia & Pacific

Type of Organisation: Research NGO,  

Interest in Forestry:  central


The Asia Pacific Association of Forestry Research Institutions (APAFRI) is an independent non-profit body, which aims to enhance research and technology development capabilities in support of conservation and management of forest resources in the Asia-Pacific region.

The establishment of APAFRI was prompted by the need to provide a viable institutional framework for research collaboration in the region. Since 1991, the Forestry Research Support Programme for Asia and the Pacific (FORSPA) has been fulfilling the networking function. APAFRI a follow-up of FORSPA, is an outcome of the desire of the countries in the region and the donor community to develop a more self-reliant and sustainable mechanism to strengthen research networking. It was launched during the meeting of the Heads of Forestry Research Organizations in the Asia-Pacific held in Bogor, 20-23 February 1995.

The International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) has recognised APAFRI as its Asia-Pacific chapter. APAFRI has been collaborating closely with the IUFRO Special Programme for Developing Countries (SPDC) in strengthening research in the Asia-Pacific region, and APAFRI's Executive Director has been coopted as regional coordinator of IUFRO-SPDC.