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bullet2 Waterways Trust

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Type:  NGO   

Scope:  national   

Interest in Forestry:  peripheral


Promoting the widest possible public awareness and enjoyment of the UK's waterways.

Working in partnership with individuals, communities and organisations, to conserve, restore, improve and interpret all aspects of waterways.

Our vision is of the UK waterway network revitalised, valued, supported and enjoyed by all sections of the community. To do this we picture many different organisations working together, each contributing special and complementary capabilities. Our independence and charitable status are vital in this respect, bringing the freedoms that go with an autonomously managed organisation outside the public sector, and adding to, rather than duplicating, the work of charitable bodies.

The Waterways Trust works to fulfil the great economic, social and environmental potential of the United Kingdom's inland waterway network. By promoting public involvement in our activities, we aim to heighten awareness and enjoyment of the waterways while bringing real and sustainable benefit to local communities in all their diversity.

- To facilitate sustainable regeneration, we raise funds for waterways and related projects, and we acquire waterways and procure contracts. We also encourage and enable the engagement of volunteers for waterways maintenance, management and operation.

- To promote a broader understanding of the value of the waterways to society, we operate and develop our museums and archives for leisure as well as for education and research. This important national resource also provides essential support for the management of waterways throughout the United Kingdom.

- All our work is dependent on building and sustaining a vital network of partners. These include individuals, charities, other waterways trusts, societies, navigation owners and managers. Together we are creating the New Canal Age for the benefit of present and future generations.