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Type:  Industry   

Scope:  national   

Interest in Forestry:  central


Who are we?

The Sawlog Production Grant Scheme is a donor funded project operating under the Government of Uganda's Ministry of Water and Environment. Its main aim is to encourage the private sector in Uganda to invest in commercial forestry for the purpose of producing timber and large poles. The SPGS has been operating in Uganda since 2004, and the first four years of operation were solely funded by the European Union.

What exactly do we do?

We offer financial support and technical advice to commercial forestry investers (planting 25+ ha) in Uganda in form of grants, training courses, printed materials and on site visits. We also have a community tree planting initiative, where rural community groups are offered free seedlings and technical support.

Who benefits from our support?

All members of the private sector investing in commercial forestry can benefir from this support. These may be individuals, associations, or companies. Even non Ugandas as long as they are planting timber trees on a commercial scale in Uganda.

What is the future of SPGS?

The European Union has committed itself to funding another four years of the project (2009-2013). The Government of Uganda is also in talks with the Norwegian government to suppliment this funding.

Where are we based?

The SPGS has offices in Kampala, Plot 92 Luthuli Avenue, Bugolobi. But we dont just sit here, we carry out frequent upcountry visits to guide and inspect our planters all over the country.

Anything else we do?

The SPGS is involved in several activities to promote commercial forestry in Uganda. We hold annual Commercial Forestry Seminars (see here for our latest seminar), we hold regular planters field meetings which bring together planters in the field to share their challenges and success stories, we publish regular newsletters to keep the public abreast with the progress of the sector and also carry out exposure tours to countries which have a well developed commercial forestry industry like Swaziland and South Africa. The SPGS supports the activities of the Uganda Timber Growers Association as well. Oh, by the way, whether you are a big or small scale tree planter; you can drop by our office on week days during working hours and benefit from technical advise free of charge!