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Trinidad and Tobago



Type:  NGO   

Scope:  national   

Interest in Forestry:  central


Our mission statement: "Environment TOBAGO conserves Tobago`s natural and living resources and advances the knowledge and understanding of such resources, their wise and sustainable use, and their essential relationship to human health and the quality of life."

Tobago is a tiny island [116 sq. miles] located at the southern tip of the Caribbean archipelago. It is the "little sister of Trinidad", a rural and peaceful island [population: 50,000] which only now is seeing an increase in tourism development.

Our environment is already under severe stress after years of abuse and neglect. If action is not taken now to reverse the current trends and prepare for the increase in development currently taking place, Tobago may become another Caribbean island stripped of its charm - its wildlife and forests, even the sand on its beaches.

We are a group of Tobago residents and lovers of Tobago who have joined together to develop strategies to deal with such issues as:

environmental education

protecting of our flora and fauna

re-introduction of extirpated wildlife

beach and river mining

lobbying for protective legislation

establishment of Protected Areas

promoting sustainable tourism development

We wish to establish links with other environmental organisations in the Caribbean and world-wide. Through this site we will be providing information relating to the natural environment of Tobago and attempting to reach other groups and individuals who may be able to help us achieve our goals. As our group grows we hope to be able to mobilise those in Tobago and elsewhere to come together and make a stand for the conservation of Tobago´s precious natural and living resources.