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bullet2 Green Lanka Nature Conservancy Association

No.1, Deanstone Place

4TH Floor, Deanstone House

Colombo 3

Sri Lanka



Type:  NGO   

Scope:  national   

Interest in Forestry:  peripheral


Green Lanka Nature Conservation Association (GLANCA) is a non-profit organization destined to protect & enhance the environment/natural habitat/endangered plant & animal species of Sri Lanka & protect cultural heritage of tribal communities of Sri Lanka through national leadership and cooperation with all levels of government, business enterprises & the community in seeking solutions to Sri Lanka's environmental problems.

The association's activities are wide ranging covering issues as diverse as impact assessment, fact-finding missions, wildlife rehabilitation, working for better environmental laws, wildlife education, direct confrontation of the abusers of wild animals & the environment in the courts/in the market place/in the corridors of power & on the ground, national environment standards, waste minimization & cleaner production. The preliminary activities of GLANCA are as follows.

Environment Education Center

GLANCA has acquired 3 acres of land & a colonial bungalow situated in the central hills of Sri Lanka to be developed into an Environmental Education Institute for both local & foreign scholars. The center initially will offer courses up to diploma level in environment studies.

Current Status of the project

Premises completely renovated. Nurseries are being set up. Environmental Management/technologycourse material/syllabuses are being prepared by the panel of consultants & the center will be in full operation by September 2000.

Plant nursery project

A land in extent of 200 perches was acquired to be developed into a model nursery/planting material distribution center near the city of Gampola, a center point in the hill capital of Sri Lanka with the right combination of climatic conditions.The plot of land was a donation from a nature lover who wishes to remain unanimous.


A total of 1,000 Hectares are under reforestation programs with the participation of over 2000 private farmers in all Provinces of Sri Lanka which will be completely funded by GLANCA. This comes under GLANCA's 2000/2001 reforetation program.


12 acres of Land & buildings are being offered to GLANCA near Kotmale reservoir to be set up as a model Eco-tourism project which is still in its primary evaluation level. The project is due to be completed in March 2001.

One Child, One tree Program

A nation wide tree-planting program formulated by GLANCA to be launched in November 2000 in all schools in the island. The program will initiate all school children to plant a tree of their choice & participate in environment educational programs & competitions among school children.

Poly-Tunnel/Green house project for rural farming Communities

GLANCA has identified the need for a green house project in watershed areas as well as dry zone, where considerable soil erosion is taking place due to conventional type of cultivation methods used by the farmer communities. GLANCA has formulated a green house program with the assistance of their technology partner, Tandi Agriculture Ltd, which will be launched as a pilot project in Sri Lanka. Part of the project is expected to be financed by public donations and the balance will be financed by GLANCA. You may take part in this vital project as a donor or as an investor. See Project