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bullet2 Wildlife Clubs of Seychelles

Wildlife Clubs of Seychelles
c/o LUNGOS PO Box 885
Victoria, Mahe
Republic of Seychelles
telephone: (248) 719047 (Terence Vel our Wildlife Clubs Coordinator)


Type:  NGO   

Scope:  national   

Interest in Forestry:  peripheral



The Wildlife Clubs of Seychelles (WCS) is a youth NGO that was formed in 1994, and it is dedicated to promoting conservation action through environmental education. Today, about 800 children throughout Seychelles belong to wildlife clubs and are members of WCS. WCS is completely run by volunteers; and most of the clubs are led by teachers, as well as some parents and community volunteers, and meet after school, on weekends, and during school holidays. WCS activities provide opportunities for students and their leaders to learn about their environment, to participate in environmental action, and to be a force for positive change.

WCS Objectives:  

-To increase young people's knowledge of Seychelles’ biodiversity and mobilise action for conservation.

-Identify and take action to solve environmental problems in Seychelles.

-Develop programmes (activities, events and publications) that focus on the natural world.

-Provide resources for school clubs and their leaders.

-Improve capacity for club leaders to undertake successful programmes and activities.