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bullet2 Nature Seychelles

The Environment and Education Centre

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Victoria Mahé




Type:  NGO   

Scope:  national   

Interest in Forestry:  peripheral


Nature Seychelles, formerly known as BirdLife Seychelles, is a local not-for-profit association registered in Seychelles. It is currently the largest independent environment organisation in Seychelles. The association is involved in a suite of activities including species and habit conservation, monitoring, research, island restoration, eco-tourism, education & awareness and advocacy.

Nature Seychelles manages Cousin Island Special Reserve and has a presence on several other islands. It has a multi-stakeholder and result-oriented approach through its programs such as the Seychelles Magpie-robin Recovery Team [SMART] and the Seychelles Seabird Group [SSG] as well with other organisations such as the WildLife Clubs of Seychelles, Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Education.

Its donors and partners include the World Bank/GEF and the Royal Society for Protection of Birds. It is a member of the BirdLife International network, WIOMSA, the African Bird Club and IUCN, works in close collaboration with WWF, the Mauritian WildLife Foundation and many others.

Nature Seychelles employs 15 full time staff including biologists, an economist, educators and protected area specialists.

Our Objectives:  The primary objective of Nature Seychelles according to its statutes is to improve the conservation of biodiversity through scientific, management, educational and training programmes.

To achieve the above primary objective the Nature Seychelles has the following sub-objectives:

- To study, research and assess the status of biodiversity

- To manage areas important for conservation

- To seek ways and means to assist official efforts for management and conservation of biodiversity

- To increase and propagate scientific knowledge of biodiversity and educate the public

- To implement relevant training programs

- To fund-raise for conservation programmes

- To promote partnership/ cooperation between like-minded individuals and organisations