Commonwealth NGOs
related to forestry

bullet1 NIGERIA

bullet2 Boki Birds Protection Foundation

27 Bassey Edim Street


Cross River




Type:  NGO   

Scope:  national   

Interest in Forestry:  central


Boki Birds Protection Foundation (BBPF) has a greater concern for humanity, environment, sustainable development and unity.  BBPF is a community based NGO, aimed at checking unsustainable use of forest resources and the protection of the rainforest and threatened bird species like the bare headed rock fowl (picathartes/gymnocephalus) swallows, parrots, etc. In fact, BBPF will work with the community to give them a sense of belonging and ownership so as to bring pride and attention to the forest communities in Boki Local Government Area.

Boki Birds Protection Foundation, as a non governmental and non profit organization.

Objectives:  To ensure that the key sites where threatened bird species are nesting and breeding are highly protected and conserved. Such species includes, the bare headed rock fowl (picathartes/gymnocephalus) swallow, parrots and other endangered fauna and flora species within the rainforest of Boki, Cross River State.

- To inculcate conservation (environmental) consciousness, sustainable forest management, community development participation and sustainable means of livelihood for rural people in Boki communities and Cross River State as a whole.

- To discourage trafficking of endangered species of both birds and animals by channelling culprits to the appropriate legal authorities for disciplinary actions.

- To promote sustainable development and self reliance, sustainable agriculture and environmental justice.

- To operate an ornithological and environmental research centre which holds publicly available information and related materials.