Commonwealth NGOs
related to forestry


bullet2 Grupo de Trabalho Ambiental

Rua General Pereira de Eça nş 214





Type:  NGO   

Scope:  national   

Interest in Forestry:  peripheral


GTA is a non-governmental organization that deals with research, Education and consultancy in environmental area.

GTA is composed of a group of Mozambican, specialized in various areas related to environment with a great working experience in different technical areas and social-economic activities in Mozambique.

The constitution of this organization, endowed with its own legal status, which aims at carrying out environmental activities, based on the communities participation in the prevention and solving of environmental problems.

The GTA proposal has as its basis, the large population experience gained along the centuries. GTA pretends to recover and disclose more.

GTA would like to be a vector of this process and, at the same time defend the modern technique of conservation and prevention of nature.

GTA has emerged at the time of most of the big countries in the world are employing in the same process in better and greater attention to nature problems.

Mozambique acts within this framework as an integral part of this universal movement which has been mobilizing efforts, various resources and brains to fight against environmental degradation.

GTA has a work program, which aims essentially on the following:

Environment Education Area: to develop at all levels of the society, respect for the nature and ensure adequate natural resources use, through training people and awareness on all issues regarding environment so that sustainability of the environment may be guaranteed;

Research Area: to study the natural resource dynamics upon certain types of use in order to influence and/or alter the current usage systems;

Development Area: to establish pilot projects for protection and sustainable utilization of various natural resources