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Type:  Research NGO   

Scope:  local   

Interest in Forestry:  peripheral


Tropical Research And Conservation Centre (TRACC) is a recently incorporated non-profit, non-government organisation (NGO) based in Kuching, Sarawak, East Malaysia. TRACC was formed in 2001 to bring together into one NGO body a variety of existing and startup conservation and sustainable development projects in East Malaysia. TRACC presently has 5 full-time staff who work with 4-6 local collaborators and conduct research for a variety of conservation projects.

TRACC is committed to applying the information collected during surveys conducted over the past five years to the overall objective of sustainable use of marine ecosystems. These surveys conducted by Prof Steve Oakley and the UNIMAS team visited 325 sites around the coast of Borneo. A total of 44 km of reef were surveyed by line transect techniques for reef health, coral cover and fish diversity. All this data has been geo-referenced and is available as part of a Geographic Information System.

TRACC is also dedicated to conducting research to improve both knowledge and techniques for conservation and sustainable management of marine resources. The existing on-going TRACC research programme for Coral Reef Biodiversity Conservation in the South China Sea is as follows:

     Biodiversity monitoring and surveying

     Environmental education programmes integrated with alternative income programmes and focused on the marine environment users

     Increasing the knowledge base especially for rare or endangered marine species