Commonwealth NGOs
related to forestry

bullet1 INDIA

bullet2 Centre for People`s Forestry

12-13-445, Street 1, Tarnaka





Type:  NGO   

Scope:  national   

Interest in Forestry:  central


To work towards grounding sustainable forest management mechanisms, with a special thrust on developing livelihood security of the marginalized sections among the forest-dependent / dwelling communities - women, tribals and dalits.

The principal objectives of CPF include:

- To bring about a shift away from the dominant ideas of the eminent domain that have governed the relationship between the State and the people in respect of all natural resources, including forest resources.

- To emphasize people's rights over forest and natural resources and their conservation and management, since natural resources belong to people.

- To ascertain people's knowledge in conservation and management of forest resources and assist in all the initiatives taken up to strengthen people - particularly tribal communities - to enable them play an effective role in conservation and management of forest resources and biodiversity.

- To critique, collaborate and influence the Government and the Forest Department at different levels to put people at the centre-stage in the use, conservation and regeneration of forest resources.

- To study and develop methodologies that will ensure equity to dalits and tribals and equality of genders in all the initiatives in the forestry sector and devise them into specific programmes for implementation with full participation of people.

- To develop and implement programmes that will recognize the inter-relationship between healthy forests and agriculture on one side and healthy forests, and conservation of water and soil on the other.

- To help develop public policies that would establish the primacy of livelihood of forest dwellers and others dependent on forest resources for survival in conjunction with ensuring healthy and sustainable environment.