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Type:  NGO   

Scope:  local   

Interest in Forestry:  peripheral


Conservation Issue:  The wildlife of East Africa is an essential and irreplaceable part of our global heritage but it faces increasing risk as a result of growing demand for land, food and modern development. FOC takes a pro-active role in protecting endangered species and their eco-systems and working with all parties to promote conservation.

FOCs fieldwork is currently managed from three Community Conservation Centre areas surrounding the Masai Mara National Reserve.

Through these centres, FOC works to promote a balance between the needs of local people and those of the wildlife with which they share their habitat and environment. Increasing pressures on the Masai Mara threatens many species of wildlife as well as the habitat they rely on to survive.

Wildlife:  Wildlife management has always been the keynote of FOCs work. Our flagship wildlife monitoring and protection programme was instigated in 1982 when rhino numbers in the Masai Mara were at an all time low. The programme was very successful and now exists through the Masai Maras management body.

FOC is also involved in and raises funds for: anti-poaching activities, veterinary support and mammal censuses programmes which we carry out with in partnership with local organisations.

Habitat: One of FOCs main campaigns on the Masai Mara is the FOC Environmental Management campaign where the emphasis is placed on finding practical applications and management solutions for land, wildlife, water, forests and other natural resources that are under pressure in the areas surrounding the Masai Mara.

Community:  FOC began working with communities in early 1990 when it became apparent that there was little conservation and environmental assistance available for the Maasai surrounding the Reserve. The Maasai who had been pastoralist up until the 1960s, were realising the difficulties and pressures placed on an environment when long term settlement occurred. FOC therefore developed an Environmental Management and Education campaign to assist local communities in conserving their land, wildlife and natural resources. FOCs work currently includes educating and training local communities; both adults and school children in utilising their environment as a natural, renewable resource for economic benefit.