Commonwealth NGOs
related to forestry

bullet1 KENYA

bullet2 Bill Woodley Mount Kenya Trust

PO Box 201

Nairobi 39-00200




Type:  NGO   

Scope:  local   

Interest in Forestry:  peripheral


The Bill Woodley Mount Kenya Trust is a Kenyan based organisation dedicated to helping preserve and protect Mount Kenya.

The Bill Woodley Mount Kenya Trust was established to help preserve and protect this important heritage. Named in memory of Bill Woodley, a dedicated conservationist who together with his team successfully protected the mountain and the surrounding forest for 20 years of the 44 years he served in National Parks, the Trust hopes to continue this legacy.

The Bill Woodley Mount Kenya Trust works closely with the Kenya Wildlife Service and the Forest Department to ensure that its projects address the issues of highest priority.

Our mission is: To concentrate preservation efforts at the field level for maximum impact.

- To fence critical forest areas in order to minimise human-wildlife conflict.

- To support existing Government and Law Enforcement agencies and assist them in stemming illegal activities that threaten Mount Kenya's ecosystem.

- To initiate reafforestation programs and establish nurseries for indigenous trees.

- To develop and implement local education and research programs.