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Type:  NGO   

Scope:  national   

Interest in Forestry:  peripheral


NCRC's Mission:  Nature Conservation Research Centre (NCRC) is a Ghanaian non-profit, private voluntary organisation implementing conservation initiatives to promote a greater awareness and protection of the natural, historic and cultural diversity of Ghana and ultimately the West African sub-region.

NCRC endorses a core philosophy that conservation in Ghana must be pursued in settings where there are cultural and economic incentives for its implementation. Conservation in Ghana should emerge from local cultural belief systems, and must have tangible economicreturns for humans living in the area. Without culture and economics as core elements, we believe conservation efforts will not succeed in this country. In line with this core philosophy, NCRC seeks to use positive cultural practices and income-generation potential to advance our goals and objectives.

NCRC's Strategic Goals

Our current objectives include:  Expand our network of community-based destinations that link tourism development with positive environmental, historic, and cultural conservation and the growth of economic opportunities to 30 poor communities.

- Support the development of four locally-controlled protected areas in select locations which build upon NCRC's tourism activities and demonstrate local leadership in conservation. The locations include Wechiau, Red Volta, Sissili, and Gonja.

- Support targeted research efforts which complement NCRC's on-going or pending tourism and protected areas activities.

- Support efforts that build links between local cultures, conservation, ecotourism, and resarch. Focus on efforts which raise the international profile of Ghana and NCRC. did not work so got new email address from website.