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bullet2 Trust for Sustainable Forestry

#21-21 Dallas Road

Victoria V8V 4Z9

British Columbia




Type:  NGO   

Scope:  national   

Interest in Forestry:  central


The Trust for Sustainable Forestry was founded by a group of individuals passionate about the forest and the values it bestows on us and the world in which we live. From modest beginnings on Cortes Island, British Columbia the Trust has grown from contributions and support from Universities, companies, NGOs and individuals who believe in its Vision.

The Trust seeks to bring balance through the promotion of truly sustainable ecosystem based forestry in any way we can. Healthy forests do make for a healthy world.

Our Vision:

A World in which we love the forest and act accordingly.

Our Mission:

To inspire and enable the growth of ecosystem based forestry in anyway we can.


     To support the practice of sustainable ecosystem based forestry, on land which otherwise would be managed in a more industrial fashion, through:

a. Supporting the acquisition of forested land suitable for ecosystem based forestry.

b. Ownership of forestry rights on suitable forested land.

c. The development and registration of suitable ecosystem based forestry covenants.

d. Working with supportive communities in rezoning forested land to allow for ecosystem based forestry and limited density, low impact habitation.

     To support the education and training of persons in ecosystem based forestry practices.

     To support research on the environmental, technical, and economic aspects of ecosystem based forestry practices.

     To work collaboratively with covenant-holding conservation organizations to ensure that relevant eco-forestry covenants are being upheld.

     To form partnerships and collaborate with individuals and organizations committed to ecosystem based forestry for mutual assistance, collective problem solving and dissemination of knowledge;