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bullet1 CANADA

bullet2 The Silva Forest Foundation

P.O. Box 9

Slocan Park, British Columbia V0G 2E0




Type:  NGO   

Scope:  national   

Interest in Forestry:  central


Throughout Canada, industrial timber companies have been cutting too much too fast, using primarily clearcut logging as their method of operation. As a result, Canada`s public forests are at risk, and we need to change how we relate to and use the forests that provide us with so many benefits. In looking across Canada, there are few models of how to maintain the integrity of the forest while also maintaining healthy communities and local economies.

Recognizing the need for change in how forests are protected and used in Canada, in 1992 the Silva Forest Foundation began its work to initiate and support models of change to an ecosystem-based approach to the conservation and use of forests. SFF is unique in Canada in working with forest-based communities to empower people with ecosystem-based tools for change.

Our Work—Creating Models for Change

The Silva Forest Foundation [SFF] has pioneered an ecosystem-based approach to forest conservation that protects biodiversity, while assisting communities and individuals to implement ecologically responsible forest use and economic development. Working collaboratively with rural communities, First Nations, forest stewards, and conservation organizations, SFF carries out programs to:

• plan forest protection and use, including mapping and analysis of past, present, and future forest use;

• educate and train communities, First Nations, forestry practitioners, and forest land managers in the principles and skills of ecosystem-based conservation and stewardship;

• assist small forest operations to meet ecosystem-based stewardship standards and work towards Forest Stewardship Council [FSC] certification; and

• provide mentoring in ecosystem-based stewardship to communities, forest managers, and First Nations.

A Vision for the Future: The Silva Forest Foundation is working for profound social changes—changes that will take time. We have woven a strong program designed to achieve our mission of implementing ecosystem-based conservation and stewardship in the forests of British Columbia and across all of Canada. Our work is unique in that we work through communities to protect ecosystems and to maintain healthy, diverse local economies. Those who join us in this work are investing in the long-term future of rural and First Nations communities, and of forests.