Commonwealth NGOs
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bullet1 CAMEROON

bullet2 Cameroon Mountains Conservation Foundation

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Type:  NGO   

Scope:  local   

Interest in Forestry:  peripheral


Since the early 1990’s a number of international organisations have set up conservation projects within the Cameroon Mountains Range to help develop a consensus on the areas of the forest to be protected and managed, and to help local communities organise themselves to manage these areas. To ensure that the successes of these projects are maintained and carried forward, the Cameroon Mountains Conservation Foundation (CAMCOF) was established in 2001.

CAMCOF has established itself as a strong supporter of biodiversity conservation and sustainable management in the Cameroon Mountains Region. CAMCOF is a Cameroonian-run, not-for-profit, charitable foundation which has the following mission: “To provide long-term support towards biodiversity conservation in the Cameroon Mountains region, through local civil societies, public sector organisations and research institutions, for the sustainable use and management of forest resources by and for the benefit of local communities.” This mission can be summed up into two key points: Preserving the rich biodiversity of the Cameroon Mountains Region, and Improving on livelihoods. In order to make this mission real CAMCOF has set up the following objectives:

To encourage effective community-based forest management that supports biodiversity conservation

To improve on the livelihoods of local communities in ways that contribute directly or indirectly to the sustainable use of their forests

To support implementation of strategies for sustainable use of forests resources by stakeholders

To ensure permanent ecological and socio-economic monitoring systems to assess the trends in biodiversity conservation and livelihoods