Commonwealth NGOs
related to forestry


bullet2 Environment Projects Australia

HQ address: Avalon House, 196 Great Alpine Road


Victoria 3741




Type of Organisation:  NGO   

Scope:  national   

Interest in Forestry:  peripheral


Enviornment Projects Australia (EPA) is a national foundation with ten key environmental organisations spread around Australia. EPA focuses on three principal activities:

1. Protecting the Environment by raising funds via its web site (see description below). Funds raised via this web site go either to EPA member organisations, to a range of projects selected by EPA or to projects listed by other environment groups. The public can choose to donate to any of these categories via the EPA web site with a guarantee that a minimum of 90% of funds will be spend directly on the selected project.

2. Providing services to the non-profit community by providing a wide range of internet based services via its web site (see description below) - such as donation services, databases, ecommerce facilities, online membership services. These allow small to medium non-profits to set up and function effectively using entirely web based administrative facilities and services.

3. Raising funds via its "Working Assets" program in partnership with Primus Telecom through which members of the public who access their phone or internet services via this partnership see a commission paid to a nominated non-profit.