Commonwealth NGOs
related to forestry


bullet2 Cooperative Research Centre for Tropical Rainforest Ecology and Management

HQ address: PO Box 6811

Cairns 4870





Type of Organisation:  Closed down 2006   

Scope:  national   

Interest in Forestry:  central


Our mission is to support the sustainable use, management and conservation of Australia's tropical rainforests through world-class research, training and technology transfer.

Our vision is to see the rainforests of Australia managed and utilised in a scientifically sound and sustainable manner to yield economic and social benefits to the community while ensuring conservation of the unique cultural and natural features of the rainforest.

Our Objectives

For Regional Management:

To create a management framework for ecologically sustainable management and conservation of rainforest regions.

For Regional Conservation:

To provide a sound scientific basis for conservation and management of the rainforest's natural and cultural features.

For Rainforest Tourism:

To assist in the development of a vibrant tourism industry that is in harmony with the rainforest resource on which its long term existence depends.

For Indigenous Involvement:

To promote Indigenous involvement in all facets of research and management which will incorporate recognition and respect for Indigenous rights and interests.

For Rainforests Globally:

To establish the Rainforest CRC as a model for delivery of rainforest research and sustainable management.

For Centre Management

To continue as a major international and international force will into the 21st Century.