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bullet2 Southern African Institute for Environmental Assessment

HQ address:   PO Box 6322





Region: Africa

Type of Organisation: NGO,  

Interest in Forestry:  peripheral


The Southern African Institute for Environmental Assessment is a non-profit Environmental Trust, whose mission is to support sustainable development in Southern Africa through promoting the effective and efficient use of Environmental Assessment as a planning tool.

SAIEA provides strategic support to SADC, governments, local authorities, development agencies, NGO's and private sector clients, who are increasingly aware of the need to incorporate Environmental Assessment (EA) as an integral part of their planning. Most of the countries in the region have recently developed laws that make EA mandatory for a wide range of activities. In response to market demand, a great number of EA consultancy firms have established themselves, but governments and local authorities have limited capacity to review the high volume of reports they receive. Consequently, complex technical studies often end up as reports that "gather dust". Unless these studies result in more informed decision-making, EA cannot fulfil its potential as a key tool in the promotion of sustainable development.

SAIEA was established to provide an independent, professional support service to the authorities and other stakeholders in the region.

SAIEA operates under the guidance of the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA), but has its own, independent Board of Directors.

Board members are Dr Alex Weaver (Chair, South Africa), Prof. Raphael Mwalyosi (Vice-Chair, IAIA), Ms Inge Zaamwani (Namibia), Ms Ntabiseng Majara (SADC-ELMS), Mr Mushimbeyi Muliya (Zambia), Dr Eben Chonguica (IUCN-Harare), Mr Ralph Kabwaza (Malawi), Mr Wynand Fourie (South Africa) and Ms Felicidade Munguambe (Mozambique).

SAIEA has its headquarters in Windhoek, Namibia, and its Executive Director is Dr Peter Tarr.