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HQ address:   Clifford's Inn

Fetter Lane






Region: Africa

Type of Organisation: NGO,  

Interest in Forestry:  peripheral


FARM-Africa is a registered charity with a small office in the UK, a regional office in Nairobi and a country office in Addis Ababa. Over 90% of our staff are African, working directly with communities in eastern Africa.

We were founded in 1985 to help poor farmers and herders in Africa grow more food, keep their livestock healthy, make a basic living and manage their natural resources in a sustainable way.

FARM-Africa has proven that, with the right training and support, poor rural communities can identify and implement appropriate solutions to many of the key problems they face.  Families are directly supported to help work themselves out of poverty through improved ways to manage their crops, livestock, forests and access to water.

With the experience gained over the past decades FARM-Africa has pioneered new models of sustainable agriculture, livestock production and forest management. We increase our impact further by pushing for changes in policy that directly benefit poor communities.

As a specialist international non-governmental organisation (INGO) working in remote and resource-poor rural areas, we are placed at the forefront of agricultural development. Our supporters help us to transform thousands of lives each year.