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bullet2 Caribbean Environment Programme

HQ address:   UNEP CAR/RCU

14-20 Port Royal Street





Region: Americas

Type of Organisation: UN body,  

Interest in Forestry:  peripheral


Mission: Promoting regional co-operation for the protection and development of the marine environment of the Wider Caribbean Region.

The Caribbean Environment Programme (CEP) is one of the UNEP administered Regional Seas Programmes based in Kingston, Jamaica, and forms the programmatic framework for the Cartagena Convention - Convention for the Protection and Development of the Marine Environment of the Wider Caribbean Region. The Cartagena Convention is the only regional agreement of its kind allowing governments to work together to protect the economic and environmental sustainability of the region through improved management of coastal and marine resources.

The CEP has three main sub-programmes:

    * Assessment and Management of Environment Pollution (AMEP).

    * Specially Protected Areas and Wildlife (SPAW).

    * Communication, Education, Training and Awareness (CETA).