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HQ situated in U.K.


Type of NGO:  NGO,

Interest in Forestry: peripheral

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The Wilderness Foundation UK was established in 1974 by Sir Laurens van der Post, writer, explorer and philosopher, and Dr. Ian Player DMS, international conservationist renowned for saving the white rhino and founder of the World Wilderness Congress movement.

We work closely with our sister organisations Wilderness Foundation South Africa, The WILD Foundation in the USA and other groups in Europe and Asia . Together we share a common belief in the irreplaceable value of wilderness, which contains the wonders of pristine nature, and enables us to return to our origins and draw a deep sense of belonging and inspiration. We are founder members of the Wilderness Network and all share a common logo – the Erythrina leaf which for us symbolises the most important relationships in the world: person to divinity; person to soil; person to person.

The Wilderness Network is a consortium of forward-thinking, like-minded conservation organisations. The Wilderness Foundation UK is one of the member organisations, along side Wilderness Foundation and Wilderness Leadership School (South Africa); The Wild Foundation and Wilderness Foundation (Germany).

We look to the future, carefully crafting projects and programs that yield practical conservation results while meeting the economic, social and spiritual needs of human communities;

We share a common past, each founded and/or inspired by Dr. Ian Player, game ranger and international conservation statesman from South Africa and his Zulu mentor and “brother”, the late Magqubu Ntombela.

The Wilderness Network works worldwide to:

    * Protect and sustain wilderness and wildlife

    * Promote the values and services supplied by wildlands and seas

    * Provide wilderness-related environmental experiences, eduation and training.