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The TBA is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation working in partnership with environmental institutions throughout the Africa region.

TBA was established in 1993 by a group of dedicated biologists in order to give a high standard of ecology and conservation training to African and European biologists alike, thereby strengthening the international scientific and conservation community. Since its first course with 27 participants (18 Europeans and 9 Africans) in Uganda, TBA has grown from strength to strength. Since the beginning, TBA has trained over 1200 biologists from over 45 different countries. Annually three or four courses are rotated and carried out in the following countries: Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, and Madagascar with, in 2009, a course in Malaysia on the island of Borneo. Established through funding from the Darwin Initiative, the TBA is supported by grants and collaborative programmes from government and non government agencies and the private sector. It has a subscribing membership of over 40 universities, research departments and conservation institutions which form the basis of its governing council. The TBA offices are located in Cambridge and Nairobi. Click here for the TBA office contact details.

The Tropical Biology Association (TBA) is working in partnership with African institutions to build expertise in biodiversity conservation and research by the following:


The TBA provides key practical training for conservation biologists and practitioners with the potential to have a significant impact on biodiversity management and research. This is achieved through field courses, specialist skills workshops and applied research.

Providing information and resources

The TBA's funding database and follow-up support programme is assisting African conservation biologists continue to apply their skills once back at their home institutions. The bulletin board complements this by posting the most recent opportunities and announcements that focus on current job vacancies and funding sources for conservation biologists.

Creating links

The TBA promotes regional and international collaboration by creating links between African and European conservation biologists and their organisations. Its network spans 40 countries and includes a growing list of alumni groups.