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HQ situated in France


Type of NGO:  NGO,

Interest in Forestry: peripheral

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Pro-Natura International was started in Brazil in 1985 and by 1992 had become one of the very first 'Southern' NGOs to be internationalised following the Rio Conference. The office of Pro-Natura International is currently situated in Paris

Pro-Natura advocates that the participatory process is the only viable vehicle for sustainable development, conflict resolution and economic improvement for poor and marginalised communities. Over the past 22 years Pro-Natura has pioneered and successfully demonstrated participatory development with rural communities; strengthening existing institutions and creating community capacity to assess, plan, manage, monitor and evaluate their own developmental needs.

Participatory Community Development represents the best chance at ensuring equitable distribution of benefits directed towards communities: ensuring that development in the communities is inclusive, gender-balanced and equitable. This community-led development process helps to promote peace and security within the communities.

Communities have learnt to apply local solutions to local problems in areas including: poverty reduction; health; education; small scale infrastructure development; improved natural resource management; violent conflict and preventing benefit capture.