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related to forestry

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bullet2 International Log Builder's Association

HQ situated in Canada


Type of NGO:  Industry,

Interest in Forestry: central

Contact method: email : 


In October of 2000 our association voted to have our name changed from the American/Canadian Log Builders' Association International to the International Log Builders' Association. Our address and contact information will remain the same; we've just changed the name to reflect our growing membership, which currently represents a dozen countries.

Founded in 1974, the International Log Builders' Association is a worldwide organization dedicated to furthering the craft of handcrafted log building, to the advancement of log builders, and to the promotion of the highest standards of their trade.

The association writes and distributes educational materials on log construction to individuals, institutions, and industry. In addition, the association provides educational services related to the craft of log building, develop and disseminate educational material and programs related to the craft, establish operating trust funds for scholarships and educational purposes.

The International Log Builders' Association is a registered nonprofit Society in Canada.