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The world's forests are under pressure. Tropical forests are disappearing fast due to logging and mining, hydropower and the hunger for land. The last temperate and Northern old growth forests are being destroyed by the timber and paper industries. The livelihood of forest peoples is being undermined and every year more plant and animal species are pushed to the brink of extinction.

 Many organisations campaign to save the world's forests and support the struggles of forest peoples. International co-ordination of these activities is important. FERN was created in 1995 to keep track of the EU's involvement in forests and co-ordinate NGO activities at the European level.

With so many issues affecting forests globally, FERN has decided to focus on the underlying causes that in many cases lead to forest loss.These include financial flows, the international trade in timber and other forest products, and government policies.

Our work consists of research, analysis, facilitation, co-ordination, support, education and advocacy. In all our work we try to increase the political and economic space for people to create a more balanced society in which there is a true respect for forest peoples, human rights and environmental and social values.

In our advocacy activities we aim to link different movements and organisations and create effective networks to campaign on issues we believe to be important. In other words: we link issues, stimulate informed discussion and develop joint strategies in areas that are of critical environmental and social concern, in most cases, but not exclusively, focused on EU institutions.

By challenging established thinking, finding new and creative ways to progress, provoking discussions within the different environmental and social movements, and within government, we want to address seemingly intractable global concerns.