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Forest NewsWatch is a specialized independent media service delivering critical information to decision-makers in the field of forest, paper and packaging sustainability. It is a unique service in this increasingly important and complex subject matter. Sustainability is indeed seen by many CEOs and other corporate officers not only as a prerequisite for corporations to maintain their social license to operate, but also as a key strategic issue directly affecting the bottom line of their business. Forest NewsWatch provides quality information that not only helps corporate officers to stay tuned with leading-edge developments but that can also lead to actionable decision-making.

Forest NewsWatch is the successor of Forest Certification Watch, which was launched in 1998 and soon became the premier source in the world of quality independent information on forest certification, responsible procurement and related developments. Forest NewsWatch builds on this unique experience and takes a broader look at forest, paper and packaging sector sustainability. Covered topics include: sustainable forest management and certification; domestic and international forest policy; chain of custody and responsible procurement; environmental labeling and life cycle analysis of forest and paper products; bio-energy, carbon forestry and impacts of climate change on forests; forest conservation, easements and NGO/business partnerships; identification and protection of endangered, high conservation value and exceptional conservation value forests; corporate social responsibility and sustainability reporting; international trade issues such as log export restrictions and softwood lumber trade barriers; environmental campaigns in the lumber, paper and catalog markets; deforestation and illegal logging; plantation forestry and the displacement of forest and paper production towards the southern hemisphere.