Commonwealth NGOs
related to forestry

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bullet2 Environmental Investigation Agency

HQ situated in U.K.


Type of NGO:  NGO,

Interest in Forestry: peripheral

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The EIA was established in 1984 to investigate, expose and campaign against the illegal trade in wildlife and the destruction of our natural environment.

Working undercover to expose international environmental crime -such as the illegal trade in wildlife, illegal logging and trade in timber species, and the world-wide trade in ozone depleting substances - EIA has directly brought about changes in international laws and the policies of governments, saving the lives of millions of rare and endangered animals and putting a stop to the devastating effects of environmental criminals.

EIA is a small organisation which relies on donations from the public, the support of our members, the efforts of volunteer fund-raisers and the support of charitable foundations. Yet our efforts have saved the lives of millions of animals.