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Mission to plant 100,000,000 trees

Welcome to the website of Paul Coleman, Earthwalker, Tree Planter, Environmentalist, Ambassador To The 'Culture of Peace' United Nations designated Peace Messenger Initiative, President of THE WONDERFUL WORLD TREE PLANTING FESTIVAL and the co-founder of CELEBRATION EARTH a six month Declaration of Peace from April 1st to Sept. 21st 2009. CELEBRATION EARTH is now a leading event of the 'Culture of Peace' Initiative and the International Day of Peace AND WAS OFFICIALLY OPENED IN OKINAWA ON APRIL 1ST 2009 WITH A SPECTACULAR EVENT.

Since 1990, Paul has walked 47,500 km through 39 nations, planting trees and encouraging people to preserve the natural environment, delivering the environmental message to all aspects of society, from the jungles of the Amazon to the highlands of Zimbabwe, and even into war.

In 2000 he began a campaign to plant 100,000,000 trees, one for every man, woman and child killed in the last century of war. Thanks to the support of people around the world, at least 11,350,000 trees have been planted.